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DesignQuest Services

Our experience with everything from start-ups to established brands means we provide services that fit exactly where you are in the business cycle. It is our goal to create a long and productive relationship by matching the right tools at the right time for your business.

One of the many services we offer are Strategic Marketing Plans. That’s a critical difference between DesignQuest and many other firms. With the belief that creative is only as good as the strategy behind it, our best thinking is always available to you.


Branding & Corporate Identity For A Strong Foundation

Your branding and corporate identity are the visual representation of your value proposition and require expert thought and execution. It should inspire the thoughts you want your prospects and customers to have when they engage with your company. A compelling corporate identity is essential for your marketing success.

Assessing, improving and creating your brand communications is where we excel. It is the foundation for all of your other marketing materials.

Digital Marketing Communicate To Your Target Audience

How often do you reach out to your customers through social media, banner ads or other digital marketing? Designquest Communications is well-versed in Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram — you name it. There are more new channels to come — and we’ll be on top of those, too.

Designquest Communications can tailor a strategic digital marketing plan for your business, designed exclusively for your brand.

Direct Mail Campaigns Generate Revenue Quickly

Your company can use direct mail to attract new customers or to get more business from existing customers. The best direct mail marketing strategies lead to campaigns that are specific and brief, targeted to the right people, and delivered with, a compelling offer, a strong call to action and a deadline.

DesignQuest Communications has achieved outstanding results with direct mail strategies that have generated thousands of dollars for our clients.
Build a Relationship

Email Marketing Build A Relationship

In today’s competitive market, consumers are looking for a relationship – a bond with your brand that enriches their lifestyle. They want you to reach them in their world, on their smartphones, their laptops, and their tablets. E-marketing is society’s most popular means of communication today and DesignQuest speaks that language.

DesignQuest Communications can cultivate an important email rapport between your business and your target audience.

Marketing Plans Roadmap To Success

Small businesses need just as much marketing help as large firms – sometimes, even more. At DesignQuest, we bring deep experience to the science of developing marketing plans specifically for the small business. Whether you need a full-blown analysis or help strategizing a specific idea, DesignQuest can be an invaluable thought partner.

Strategies are created with the benefit of over 30 years’ experience, providing a smart and savvy course for you to follow and achieve your goals.

Sales & Marketing Materials Let Us Tell Your Story.

You want your corporate materials to offer an overview of your business, so that it has as long a shelf life as possible. We recommend you provide the reader with a simple takeaway of who you are, what you do and why it matters. This approach will help to ensure that you achieve maximum ROI.

DesignQuest works with companies to design corporate materials that are versatile, compelling and effective.

Website Design Inspire, Engage, Convert.

Visitors to your website may be researching, shopping or coming to buy. Regardless, you want to make sure they stay. Your website should take the visitor on a journey that is pleasant, fun and most of all, captivating. The length of their visit reflects the power and persuasiveness of your site.

We understand that a strong website will not only be visually appealing, but will also be strategically designed to become a trusted, easy to navigate source that results in many return visits and helps convert visitors to customers.