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Westchester Mortgage

Westchester Mortgage – Email Newsletter

  • As President and Founder of Westchester Mortgage, Debbie Siegel specializes in helping newly divorced women buy or refinance their homes. She helps them to understand their options and guide them in making smart, short and long-term decisions regarding their home. Debbie has more than two decades of experience as a Massachusetts mortgage broker, during which time she has developed an extensive network of real estate attorneys, insurance agents, contractors and financial planners, all of whom work with her, as needed, to support her clients.

INDUSTRY: Consumer 

PROJECT: Email Marketing Campaign

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Create an email newsletter “Raising The Roof “ – a quarterly newsletter that helps both homeowners and prospective homeowners by providing both practical advise and informative up to date information about the current market and rates.

“When working with DesignQuest, I can articulate how I want my clients to feel when they do business with me. Susan is then able to take the words and turn them into the right colors, look and feel for my audience and my industry. She takes the essence of what I’m trying to convey and presents it visually.”

Deborah Siegel, President, Westchester Mortgage