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Solex Payroll

Solex Payroll – Postcard

  • Solex Payroll's service model is setup to ensure your payrolls are processed on time and are accurate. Solex is also setup to calculate and process your tax and unemployment liabilities as well as submit this information and payments onto the appropriate governing authorities. Finally, Solex was founded by CPAs and understands the uniqueness of our clients general ledger. Solex acts as a consultant to create efficiencies within the HCM platform so your reporting is able to eliminate mistakes and time.

INDUSTRY: Financial/Commercial/Technology

PROJECT: Sales & Marketing

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Create a direct mail piece focusing on their superior service at great savings. We developed a postcard that would be mailed by each sales person to their own prospect list. We personalized the postcard by leaving a space so that each sales person could write in their own name. The goal was for each sales person to mail the postcards at their own rate of speed so that they could follow up on the direct mail piece. This allowed for a large print run with personalization at an economical price.