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PK Walsh Company

PK Walsh Company – Direct Mail Campaign

  • New England's Leading Hair Loss Solution Salon for Women, PK Walsh's mission is to promote every clients’ beauty wellness and self-esteem through state of the art hair enhancement and treatment options in the safest and most supportive environment possible. They offer several Hair Regrowth Treatment options as well as many fabulous Hair Solutions that allow you to achieve natural looking hair with realistic volume and color to fit your style!

INDUSTRY: Consumer

PROJECT: Customer and Prospect Direct Mail Brochure

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Create a Direct Mail campaign on a quarterly basis with compelling offers to encourage current clients to purchase additional products and for prospective clients to come in and have a consultation with a trained Trichology Practitioner to assist in their hair loss treatment. The challenge is that we are dealing with a very sensitive topic, hair loss for women. We want to be noticed, but we need to be sure we are discrete and that our clients get a good feeling about the pieces. All direct mail pieces are put into envelopes to ensure confidentiality. The print campaign is also reiterated in an email campaign during the offer period.

“Susan always discusses our mission and our goals and then helps us define and clarify our objectives. Susan brings a real business acumen and a strong sense of design to every project. But, most importantly she listens, understands and has delivered for over 30 years. ”

Kathy Walsh, Founder, PK Walsh Company