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PK Walsh Company

PK Walsh Company – Email Marketing

  • As New England’s leading Hair Loss Solution Salon for women, PK Walsh’s mission is to promote every clients’ beauty wellness and self-esteem. At their state-of-the-art salon, women of all ages receive the best care and the latest hair restoration technologies available today from expertly trained staff. Their solutions help women who suffer from hair loss to achieve a customized, natural look that leaves them feeling more confident, more positive, and more beautiful!

INDUSTRY: Consumer 

PROJECT: Email Marketing Campaign

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Each printed direct mail marketing campaign is reinforced with email marketing at specific times during the offer period. Since some prospects only give email addresses this allows us to market to them as well.

“Before Susan came on board, we never tracked the results of our marketing. Now we know what we want to accomplish and whether we have met our goal. Susan brings a real business acumen and strong sense of design to every project. “

Kathy Walsh, Founder, PK Walsh Company