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Cherkas Home Improvement

Cherkas Home Improvement – Sales & Marketing

  • Cherkas Home Improvement provides expert home improvement and handyman services for the Greater Boston area. Their team of skilled carpenters and handymen specialize in home repair, maintenance projects, custom storage solutions and more.

INDUSTRY: Consumer/Construction

PROJECT: Sales and Marketing Materials

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Create a series marketing materials to be used during the sales process. When going to prospective site to give a quote, a brochure is left that highlights their experience and provides testimonials from other satisfied customers. When working on a project, door hangers are left on neighbors doors. After a project is complete, a sales sheet highlighting other projects that a homeowner might think about in the future is left behind.

“The marketing materials DesignQuest created for me presents a very professional image, which is exactly what I wanted. I bring it with on sales presentations and leave with homeowners. It positions me well and communicates what I want to about my business.”

Phil Cherkas, Owner, Cherkas Home Improvement